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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Google UI...Has it been tested?

By now you have probably seen the rollout of the new Google UI. 

I have done some exploratory testing on it, and I am actually shocked that Marissa Mayer would let the new UI be released without it being very thoroughly tested.  If I could find some issues in a couple of minutes of playing around with it, I am sure that people using it are going to find that the UI is inconsistent across all apps and that the look is not very 'clean' or uniform anymore.

Undoubtedly there has been automation testing done on the basic functionality of the UI and probably the tests passed, because if you put in a keyword you get expected results.

My problem with it is that if more Test Engineers were doing exploratory testing, they would have seen some of the following issues. 
  • Images search has 'advanced search' under the search input box, but the Safe Search dropdown menu is set off to the right and looks awkward there.  If you click on it, it opens a dropdown menu that covers up one of the image results.  My question is, if the menu is going to cover up one of the image results anyway, why didn't they put it under the search box where it would look cleaner?
  • Another issue, related to the new left column 'Everything Menu' is that once you click on Maps, the entire new 'Everything' search structure is missing.  The old Maps UI displays and has no links on the left side to get you back where you started.  
  • One other search app that also has a problem with the new Everything Menu is Shopping.  Again.  Not all of the apps are listed on the Everything Menu, so you can't easy get back to a previous type of search.
  • For most of the other apps, the links in the left column Everything Menu are displayed, so you can easily return to a previous type of search. This is the way it should be.

Did someone actually look at this flow and try it out?
Just wondering.

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